Our Story

    Once upon a time there was a very busy Bee who lived far far away in a hive at the tip of North America.  The Bee spent all it’s free time lovingly making gifts every holiday for its hive mates.  The Bee made bags and blankets and even coats for its friend the dog, who would visit the Bee on Sunday afternoons.

    One snowy winter evening the Bee answered a knock on the hive door to find its friend the dog looking cold and tired.  The Bee invited its friend inside and after wrapping the dog in a cozy throw asked the dog what was troubling him.  The dog answered that he couldn’t find a birthday gift for his littermate.  “If only there was a place that I could find the perfect gift” the dog said as he gazed across the hive filled to the brim with the Bee’s beautiful handiwork.  Suddenly the dog jumped up and ran across the hive.  He stopped short in front of the wall, which was covered floor to ceiling with Bee’s bags.  “What if I gave her one of these for her birthday” he exclaimed.  “She could use it to carry things from the market or go to the beach.  Can I buy one for her?”  The Bee thought about it for a moment and realized that the gifts that it had been making for many years should be shared, not just within the hive, but with everyone.  “Of course you can buy a bag for your littermate” the Bee said.  The Bee and the dog quickly struck up a deal and the dog left very happy, and warm once again.

    In the following weeks the Bee had many more friends knocking on the hive door to purchase gifts for their loved ones.  It was then that the Bee decided to open a store on the web.  This pleased the Bee to no end as it enjoyed nothing better than to spend its days creating and sewing.  The dog’s littermate was so thrilled with her gift that she began visiting the Bee on Sunday afternoons with the dog.  They shared many a lovely and warm hour wrapped in the Bee’s throws, playing pinochle.                                                                       

                                                                                                ...and they all lived happily ever after.


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Our Mascot...

Meet our mascot Annabella the sweet Bea Griffon puppy.  She loves to snuggle up in her own special Bee by the Sea bag.  She spends her days helping layout fabric, testing products, and generally creating mischief.

Our Products...

All of our Bee by the Sea products are designed and made in our Gorham, Maine studio.  Each fabric combination is hand selected and hand sewed for a truly unique product.  We strive to make our items green by utilizing  repurposed and salvaged fabrics. We take great pride in the quality of our original items and create them with strength and integrity to bring you years of enjoyment!


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